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Leather Goods and Highland Wears
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Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors... the sett which is repeated over and over again until the desired length of cloth is produced.

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SUPERIOR LEATHER SPORRAN:- Chrome tanned leather..deeply embossed..hand braided leather tassels..stunning lock closure..chain belt straps included
Art # LCP-540 US$19.95
MAESTRO SPORRAN:- Fine quality real leather-chrome tanned.. hand braided all around..stylish grasp lock..chain belt straps included.
Art # LCP-541 US$19.90
TREMENDOUS FOLK ART:- Hand crafted. skillfully braided all around.chrome Cantle.including chain belt straps.
Art # LCP-543 US$31.90
HAIR-ON LEATHER SPORRAN: Top grade black leather body. Hair-on leather front.V-type chain tassels.including chain belt straps.
Art # LCP-544 US$19.90
UNIQUE HAIR-ON LEATHER SPORRAN:- premium quality leather body..aesthetically embossed..further beautify with silver studs..chain belt straps included..one of its kind
Art # LCP-546 US$19.95
BABY SPORRAN:a wonderful offering to junior-kilt lover..soft grain leather body..deep brown hair-on cow skin front..two chain tassels..including chain belt straps
Art # LCP-547 US$16.50
RABBIT FUR SPORRAN:- Genuine Rabbit Fur front.chain with tassels metal bobbles.chain belt straps included.
Art # LCP-549 US$19.90
RABBIT FUR SPORRAN:-Black leather body.black rabbit fur front.hand braided flap.chain belt straps included.
Art # LCP-550 US$19.90
SALTIRE AND THISTLE SPORRAN:-Traditional style in contemporary manner.chain tassels. including chain belt straps.
Art # LCP-551 US$22.50
CAMOUFLAGE LEATHER SPORRAN: hand made.. leather trimming..chain with tassels metal bobbles..including chain belt straps..right for camouflage utility kilts and others as well.
Art # LCP-552 US$24.90
INEXPENSIVE LEATHER SPORRAN:- Genuine leather casual day sporran..most economical.. suit all pockets..fine quality stuff..great workmanship.chain belt straps included.
Art # LCP-553 US$15.50
POSH ALL LEATHER SPORRAN: real leather.. sumptuously rich finish..smart stylish..unique leather strip closure..chain belt straps included
Art # LCP-554 US$23.50.00
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