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Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors... the sett which is repeated over and over again until the desired length of cloth is produced.

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KILT BELT:-Top grade chrome tanned.. genuine leather.. fit for all standard buckle
Art # LCP-671 US$14.90
FANCY SGIAN DUBH:- Top grade black plastic scabbard. hand crafted. traditional style in contemporary manner.original blade.
Art # LCP-675 US$9.95
PEARLY SGIAN DUBH:- Thistle design. decorated with ceremonial pattern.pearl like stone in crown. original blade.
Art # LCP-676 US$10.90
CLASSIC SGIAN DUBH:- Another Hand crafted Classic design.fixed with brilliant pearl like stone in crown.
Art # LCP-677 US$11.95
DUMMY SGIAN DUBH:- Looks like real one.economical, affordable.
Art # LCP-678 US$6.90
KILT PIN:- High grade pewter Kilt Pin..silver chrome..Celtic design. .nicely weighted, good shine
Art # LCP-681 US$6.90
CROWNED KILT PIN:- Fancy pewter Kilt Pin with graceful badge.
Art # LCP-682 US$6.50
GHILLIE SHIRT:- Traditional Scottish style..lightweight yet strong sturdy cotton blend fabric.full cuff on sleeves..black leather lacing
Art # LCP-691 US$16.90
FLY PLAID-SHAWL: fine quality tartan in supreme luxurious finish and warmth for chilly days..straight or hand purled fringe
Art # LCP-695 US$14.90
FLY PLAID-SCARF:- Fancy tartan fabric..classical square shape..straight or hand purled fringe all four sides.
Art # LCP-697 US$14.50
TARTAN SCARF:- Finest quality tartan weaved on traditional shuttle looms resulting in a supreme luxurious finish..fringed edges.
Art # LCP-696 US$9.50
PIPER PLAID-BLANKET-SHAWL:- Fancy Tartan Fabric.pleated and finished on two ends.straight or hand purled fringe.
Art # LCP-698 US$18.95
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