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Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors... the ‘sett’ which is repeated over and over again until the desired length of cloth is produced. Early tartans were simple checks of perhaps only two or three colors..then with the evolution of chemical dies, weavers were able to introduce more elaborate patterns including more vivid and varied colors. Tartan was used to make the items of clothing which are today considered traditional Scottish dress, including Kilt.

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5-YARD ECONOMICAL: 5-yard men kilt..same superb stuff in affordable budget..box pleated..great swing..leather strap..original buckle.
Art # LCP-619 US$16.90
5-YAED DELUXE KILT: Men 5-yard luxurious kilt..affordable budget..fine fabric...box pleated..great swing..three leather strap..original buckle.
Art # LCP-621 US$18.90
TARTAN UTILITY KILT:-Fine stuff..large cargo pockets with press-stud fastening button over flaps..double fabric straps.
Art # LCP-628 US$34.90
TARTAN UTILITY KILT:- Fancy heavy tartan..large pockets both side with press-stud fastening buttons..a luxurious costume for distinguished kilt lovers.
Art # LCP-629 US$39.90
WOMEN KILT-MINI SKIRT:Traditional women kilt-stylish skirt. perfect for all occasion.crosses over at front. extended Velcro and two leather straps for comfortable size adjustment.
Art # LCP-630 US$16.90
WOMEN KILT:-Scottish kilt stylish skirt..crosses over at front..broad Velcro 9nside waist belt and leather straps for easy size adjustment..hand pleated for excellent swing.
Art # LCP-633 US$15.90
LADIES KILT-MINI SKIRT:Scottish kilt..stylish skirt..crosses over at front..Velcro tape and leather straps for size adjustment ..perfect swing.
Art # LCP-636 US$15.90
MODISH LADIES KILT: fine tartan fabric...heavily pleated..crosses over at front..extended Velcro tape and leather straps.. chrome buckle.
Art # LCP-638 US$17.90
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