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Leather Goods and Highland Wears
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Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors... the sett which is repeated over and over again until the desired length of cloth is produced.

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8-Yard Tartan Kilt:Hand fabricated..fine quality tartan..deep pleats for a great swing..genuine leather strap and original buckle.
Art # LCP-604 US$23.50
ELEGANT KILT:-sober, sophisticated, stylish..supreme tartan fabric..hand pleated..perfect flawless swing..leather strap.black silky lining.
Art # LCP-606 US$23.90
VALENTINE TARTAN KILT:- Hand crafted traditional Scottish kilt..fine tartan fabric..genuine buckle..leather strap..black or red silky lining.
Art # LCP-608 US$23.50
BLACKBERRY TARTAN KILT:- Alluring black tartan..a work of art, designed for refining tastes-for distinguished people..hand pleated, silky lining, leather strap
Art # LCP-611 US$23.90
MARVEL-BLACK STEWART TARTAN KILT:- Handcrafted Scottish kilt..fine fabric..deep pleats perfect swing..silky black lining.. leather strap
Art # LCP-614 US$23.50
AUGUST KILT: supreme tartan, weaved on traditional shuttle looms..hand pleated..perfect swing..leather strap..silky lining
Art # LCP-615 US$23.50
TARTAN UTILITY KILT:- Fancy heavy tartan..large pockets both side with press-stud fastening buttons..a luxurious costume for distinguished kilt lovers.
Art # LCP-616 US$35.90
SAFFRON KILT:-Supreme Saffron Tartan..exclusive merchandise for distinguished people..perfect swing..genuine leather strap.. chrome buckle.. machine washable
Art # LCP-617 US$23.50
HYBRID KILT:- Black cotton with tartan in pleat..extremely attractive..cargo pockets..soft leather straps..rocking out or participating in pipe band, its perfect
Art # LCP-618 US$33.90
5-YARD MEN KILT: same superb stuff and craftsmanship at affordable price..box pleated..great swing..leather strap..original buckle.
Art # LCP-619 US$19.90
HEAVY TARTAN UTILITY KILT:-Fine fabric..cargo pockets with press-stud fastening button..double fabric straps for size adjustment.
Art # LCP-628 US$33.90
WALLACE-TARTAN UTILITY KILT:Heavy stuff fit for utility kilt..sturdy stout yet cozy..cargo pockets both sides..2 straps each side for comfortable size adjustment..masterly pleated for perfect swing
Art # LCP-629 US$33.90
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