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Leather Goods and Highland Wears
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Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors... the sett which is repeated over and over again until the desired length of cloth is produced.

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APEX GOAT SPORRAN: real leather body-natural white goat fur- long tassels- chain belt strap included- set you distinguished in gathering.
Art # LCP-481 US$59.50
BLACK APEX GOAT SPORRAN: real leather body-alluring black- chain belt strap included- ornament your kilt.
Art # LCP-483 US$59.50
GOLDEN MOUNTAIN GOAT SPORRAN:real leather body-mountain goat EXTRA long hairs- large pouch- chain belt strap included-ultimate choice of bagpiper.
Art # LCP-485 US$78.50
MOUNTAIN GOAT BLACK SPORRAN:real leather body-mountain goat extra l o n g hairs-large pouch-chain belt strap included-skillfully fabricated.
Art # LCP-486 US$79.50
WHITE MOUNTAIN GOAT SPORRAN:real leather body-EXTRA long mountain goat hair-natural-large pouch-belt strap included-ultimate choice of bagpiper
Art # LC-487 US78.50
FOX MASK HEAD SPORRAN: real leather body-natural fur-hand crafted mask head-leather belt straps included
Art # LCP-501 US$69.50
COYOTE SPORRAN:real leather body-coyote fur-three chain with tassel metal bobbles-chain belt included-set you distinguished in gathering
Art # LCP-502 US$39.50
DELUXE COYOTE SPORRAN: Real leather body-coyote fur-silver Cantle-three fancy tassels-chain belt strap included.
Art # LCP-503 US$38.50
TAN LEATHER SPORRAN:top grade real leather-adorn with stage emblem-large pouch-chain belt strap included-ultimate choice of kilt lovers.
Art # LCP-504 US$28.50
BRIDAL LEATHER SPORRAN:ornament your kilt with famous eye style sporran-unique look-real leather-modern take of Scottish tradition-hand crafted.set you distinguished in gathering
Art # LCP-506 US$28.50
SUPERIOR LEATHER SPORRAN:Chrome tanned real leather-sharply embossed-hand braided tassels-stunning lock closure-chain belt straps included
Art # LCP-540 US$25.50
MAESTRO REAL LEATHER SPORRAN:hand braided fashion all around-stylish grasp lock-chain belt straps included-incorporating its own style in gathering
Art # LCP-541 US$28.50
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