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Leather Goods and Highland Wears
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Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors... the sett which is repeated over and over again until the desired length of cloth is produced.

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KILT BELT:-Top grade chrome tanned.. genuine leather.. fit for all standard buckle
Art # LCP-667 US$14.90
COTTON HOODED CAPE: fine cotton fabric-make you look stylish and chic
Art # LCP-668 US$25.50
TARTAN HOODED SHAWL-CAPE:premium fabric-gently warm-hand purled fringe ends-Winter Ethnic Scarf blanket-women wrap shawl.
Art # LCP-669 US$25.50
FLY PLAID:tartan: supreme luxurious finish-warmth for chilly days-straight or hand purled fringe ends
Art # LCP-670 US$12.50
MULTI TARTAN-VEST: five buttons-two pockets-silky lining.
Art # LCP-671 US$29.50
JACOBITE SHIRT: premium cotton fabric-full cuff on sleeves-real leather lacing-shrink resistant,tear resistant,wrinkle free-ultimate choice of bagpiper
Art # LCP-672 US$12.50
TARTAN SCARF:fine tartan fabric-warmth for chilly days-straight or hand purled fringe
Art # LCP-673 US$11.50
PIPER PLAID:fine fabric-hand purled fringe ends-ultimate choice of bagpiper
Art # LCP-675 US$23.95
SCOTTISH-IRISH VEST-WAIST COAT:5 buttons-2 pockets-silky lining-custom made
Art # LCP-676 US$21.50
knee high long-soft at skin-warmth for chilly days
Art # 677 US$8.90
KILT BOTTLE HOLDER:Top grade chrome tanned leather..deeply embossed..traditional Celtic design.. fit for all regular size kilt belt..easy to attach-detach..strong grip.
Art # LCP-678 US$25.50
KILT FLASK HOLDER: perfect to carry your desired drink-fit for all regular kilt belt
Art # LCP-679 US$25.90
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